Balinese culture is one of the main reasons why people are coming to Bali.


Bali is renowned for having a variety of unique, sophisticated, wonderful sculptures and handcrafts, but it’s also a place where paintings, wood carving and art performing is found almost all the time. Balinese culture is also reflected in their cuisine which surely manages to add a lot to the overall experience of the region.

On top of that, there is a Balinese percussion orchestra music here that will delight your ears with some impressive, unique music which you will enjoy listening to for sure.

At the same time, there are numerous people that portray unique stories from the Hindu lore. Not only that, but the locals in Bali are known for having some very interesting and innovative dances, with the monkey dance kecak surely managing to stand out of the crowd in this regard.

What’s interesting in Balinese culture is that the beginning of the hindu year is celebrated in silence, something that’s very different when compared to the colorful and unique region.

Moreover, Bali natives are also known to engage in a wide range of celebrations, some of which have become the delight of tourists. Include here are the cremation, the tooth filling as well as the odalan. Depending on the social context and other things, there are different dances performed at a variety of ages, something that manages to make the Bali unique and exciting at the same time.

What makes Balinese culture distinct is its religion and the unique arts that are performed here. It’s not only about the looks, it’s also about the intensity and passion that the locals have when it comes to performing these. It’s interesting to see the audience members talking between themselves and sometimes actually being integrated into the audience. The Bali rituals are fun, exciting, and they always manage to stand out of the crowd, something you will enjoy for sure.

Bali is also known for its temples. There are a variety of temples scattered all over Bali, all of which are major tourist attractions and which contribute quite a lot to the local economy. These have an inner and outer courtyard and a variety of other distinct things as well. It’s interesting to see that tourism is a major source of income for Bali, yet people living here aren’t focused on their income, instead the major focus stands on their religion and passion for art.

As you can see, the Balinese culture is varied and different from others, but in order to experience it, you will need to visit the region first. When you do that, you should try to find a good accommodation option, and this is why you need to rent a house in Bali or rent an apartment in Bali, check out, depending on your needs and expectations, they may be able to help you. Only by renting a villa or a house in Bali you will be able to experience this unique, exotic, and plain fun island!